Your Complete Guide to Staying in Saudi During World Cup

With the arrival of football season, fans throughout the world has been in a frenzy. People have been in a rush to book flights, accommodation & tickets even at the moment just to catch their favorite team getting to the finals and winning the trophy.

A lot of your customers are also traveling to Saudi to catch the match or will soon book with you.
Saudi is a great option to travel to Saudi to catch the match as it shares a border with Qatar where the Worldcup is happening.

There is a lot you and your customers need to know about the their travel and stay in Saudi

1. Hayya Card: It is a multiple entry visit visa for people travelling from Saudi to Qatar. Holders of the Hayya Card can apply for a Saudi visa allowing for a 60-day stay in the Kingdom beginning 10 days before the tournament kicks off

To apply for Hayya Card for your customers, you need to do the following

– visit the MOFA website (
– Choose “Services for Hayya Card holders”
– Click “Apply”
– Register to begin the process of applying for the visa
– Pay for medical insurance

Please note that as stated by the authorities, the visa is free but medical insurance must be obtained from the visa platform.

For more details, please visit the official Saudi website.

2. How to travel between Saudi & Doha – The best option is to book a flight from Riyadh to Doha (its a 90 minutes flight). Riyadh is more closer to border than Jeddah or Madinah

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One can also drive to doha which is much cheaper than the high cost of flight tickets. But the drive may take more than 6 hours due to traffic.

3. Covid 19 restrictions: There are no covid restrictions as soon as you arrive in Saudi. There are no quarantine or vaccination restrictions for the passengers.

Also, there no covid restrictions in place for visitors arriving in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia is a great option to stay during the football season for your customers since there will be more availability of hotels and there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Saudi.

Also there are a lot of events happening in Saudi round the corner which your customers can enjoy such as Soundstorm Musical Nights, Balad Beasts, Alula Moments, Boulevard Riyadh, etc.