Rejuvenating Activities Pre & Post match

The coming Football Season is surely something to be excited about for every football fan.
If your customers are true football fans, you can give them an option to stay in Saudi before and after the match so that more delight will be added to the trip.

Saudi is an upcoming tourist destination where one can enjoy the vast beauty of nature. Also, for people coming to watch match, they can find easy acccomodation at Saudi at Good rates which might be an issue in Qatar due to high demand and advance bookings.

One can enjoy and experience Saudi before the match and relax and unwind after the match ends. There are a lot of things to do in Saudi such as:

  1. City Tour of Riyadh: It includes National Museum of Saudi Arabia & Murraba Palace. Your customers can learn about the interesting history and culture of Saudi
  2. Souqs of Jeddah: With a range of both traditional and modern items, one can find anything and everything ever. Your customers can take home the most beautiful souvenirs and handmade gifts.
  3. Stargazing in the Beach from Jeddah: You can suggest stargazing in the beautiful vast deserts of Saudi to experience something new & simply amazing. People can take a dip in the Red Sea, followed by a vessel trip to see the nearby island.
  4. Dune Bashing Desert Safari Trip: Your customers can enjoy various desert sports activities such as sandboarding, dune bashing, games, karaoke etc., in the most beautiful dunes.
  5. Edge of the World: With an exciting drive to the ‘edge of the world’, tourists experience beautiful and silent desert views. On reaching the edge of the world, your customers can take a hike and immerse themself in the wonders of nature and click amazing pictures.

There is no end to places one can visit in Saudi and create amazing memories. Your customers can go for city tours before the matches and relax at red mall, silver sands beach, etc., after the match is over.

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