In Office Meetup

In-person meetings help in building and maintaining strong, meaningful business relationships. It shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to get to know someone. It builds trust, and it shows that you value that relationship.

As a company, our first priority is always building relations with our customers. We believe that meeting people in person can never be replaced by online meetings, as it allows for a more fluid and dynamic exchange of ideas. 

We are always working towards strengthening the bond which is why we never miss a chance to connect with our Travel partners offline. Last month also, we organized two offline meetups in our office for the travel partners who are based out of Delhi.

Many partners came to our Delhi Headquarters to participate in our event. We had a special masterclass organized for our Travel agents where they learnt how they can use Google to grow their business online. It was spearheaded by Ms Amisha Sharma who is an in-house growth marketeer at TravClan.

It was followed by a session on the most in demand destination – Dubai, by Mr. Rizwi who is a destination expert. In this session agents learnt how they can sell this destination to their customers.

We also gifted our partners a kit as a gesture to thank them for taking our time out of their busy schedule, to meet us. Towards the end of the event we had dinner together.