Reinvent Your Customers Travel Experience!

Creating customer delight during an ongoing trip will speak a lot for you and help you create a brand value. You won’t have to worry about customer retention. It can bring in business multiple times from the same customer.

It can be a tricky affair to create delight for your customers while they are on the trip. But we have got some pointers for you that might help in creating a memorable trip for your customers! 

See how TravClan received guests at the Airport and created unforgettable memories for them!

1. Know What Matter to Your Customers

Always ask your customers for things that really matter to them. There can be some special requirements like, visiting a specific sightseeing point, accommodation near local markets etc., cater to such requirements of your customers and they’ll surely remember booking with you. 

2. Create a checklist for them in advance

An organised vacation never hurt anyone. Make a checklist for your customers and share it with them before the commencement of their trip. They will know what to expect during the trip and will be happy after returning from the vacation knowing that they did everything they wanted to do. 

3. Add a little Personal Touch

Share references of local restaurants and must visit places with your customers. Convenience is what a customer looks for when visiting a foreign city. Sharing a list of restaurants serving the local cuisine will speak a lot for you. 

I was not expecting such a warm welcome, I also really liked the houseboat that I received. Thank you so much!


4. Arrange a memorable arrival for your customers

Well begun is half done! First impressions are important! If the start of the trip is exciting for your customers then they are most likely to remember the vacation for a long time. 

You can set up a arrangement where someone can give a warm welcome to your guests and present them with some local items. This creates an image in the mind of your customers that you care about them and they will remember you everytime they think about their trip. 

5. A simple souvenir can make all the difference  

Everyone likes gifts and especially when they are a surprise. If you can gift a little something to your customers, it will act as a memoir for them. That gift will eventually act as a callback for them and create good brand value for you.