How can Saudi be an ideal place to stay during the World Cup?

The countdown to the Football World Cup, 2022 to be hosted in Qatar has already begun!

Thousands of international fans are coming to watch the most anticipated Football World Cup and finding themselves in a dilemma to find a place to stay. This is the time where Travel Agents can step in to help their customers.

They might be looking to stay right beside the airport to save travel time, and would want to experience a bit of Saudi as well while they’re here, their experience can be made a worthwhile one.


With the football world cup coming up, Qatar has already started its preparations for the great football season. However, the accommodation facilities for the international visitors has become a problem.

With less number of sightseeings apart from watching the match, a traveler who also would want to explore the nearby places, finds themselves in a state of confusion.

Qatar has been one of the countries which is still infrastructurally developing, but can’t provide proper accommodation facilities to the soccer fans coming from all over the world.

So, where should one stay if the said person is visiting Qatar for the great football tournament? Saudi is the answer.

Saudi is a gateway to the World Cup and home to destinations waiting to be explored. Holders of the Hayya Card will be able to apply for the new visa online and book a trip to the authentic home of Arabia with confidence, before, during and after the World Cup. Visas will allow a 60-day stay in Saudi beginning 10 days before the tournament.

With tourists coming from all over the world, Saudi Arabia is the second biggest tourist destination in the Middle East and growing rapidly in the tourism sector. Travel agents can start pitching their bookings in advance to their customers.

There’s a plethora of options available in Saudi for soccer fans coming from all over the world to find perfect accommodations along with an amazing experience in Saudi. Major attractions include Riyadh, Jeddah, AlUla, Tabuk Neom and much more.

With the approaching Football World Cup, there’s an expected boom to be seen in Saudi Tourism and thus the opportunities and facilities to travel to Saudi becomes more convenient. Keeping on, the number of bookings are bound to increase and thus provide a higher revenue.

Gear up, travel agents and start taking advantage of this opportunity.

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