CRM can do wonders for your travel business!

In a survey, 64% of businesses reported that CRM helped them grow.

But what is CRM? 
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is basically all the activities a business undertakes to manage their interactions with the current and potential customers.

CRM helps you engage with existing and potential customers, gain time with automation, increase customer engagement build better relationships market smarter and close more deals. You can gain a better understanding of who your customers are, what are their preferences what they’re looking for and what they want.

TravClan provide you with your very own built-in CRM tool, Customer Tab. Using which you can add customers, manage their requirements, view the total business they have done with you, send follow-up with just one click, collect payments against booking and much more.

For example: If you have flight api integrated on your travel website and your customer books a flight on your website. You can check the details of the booking made, send reminders, and do much more in the customer tab

To sum up you can build your own community using the Customer Tab.


Customer Tab (Built in CRM tool) helps you in building long term relationships with your customers. You understand your customers better and cater to their needs in an effective and efficient manner