FIFA 2022: How can Dubai be your ideal place of stay?

The countdown to the FIFA World Cup, 2022 to be hosted in Qatar has already begun!

Thousands of international fans are coming to watch the most anticipated FIFA World Cup and finding themselves in a dilemma to find a place to stay. This is the time where Travel Agents can step in to help their customers.

They might be looking to stay right beside the airport to save travel time, and would want to experience a bit of Dubai as well while they’re here, their experience can be made a worthwhile one.


With the FIFA world cup coming up, Qatar has already started its preparations for the great football season. However, the accommodation facilities for the international visitors has become a problem.

Being a less traveled destination people are comparatively less inclined to stay in Saudi just for the sake of watching matches which gives Dubai an opportunity to cash. With tourists coming from all over the world, Dubai has become one of the top destinations for vacations. Travel agents can start pitching their bookings in advance to their customers.

Dubai’s strong reputation for safe travel internationally has resulted in both domestic and international tourism growth. In a study in February 2022, occupancy was at almost 64%, while the length of stay showed a 12% increase from 4.1 nights to 4.6 nights.

There’s a plethora of options available in Dubai for soccer fans coming from all over the world to find perfect accommodations along with an amazing Dubai experience. 

Many new hotels have opened up recently, making it ideal to accommodate visitors coming to watch FIFA. Bookings are being made at an even faster pace, giving soccer fans an experience of the grandeur of Dubai as well.


  1. In an official announcement on Air Arabia’s website, the airline revealed it has laid on more than 200 additional flights to service the increased demand on the route during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. These additional flights will follow the course of the current flight path and will run between Sharjah International Airport and Hamad International Airport in Doha. These flights are set to begin on Monday, November 21 2022. The low-cost airline will be increasing the current daily run of three flights between Doha and Sharjah, to 14 flights a day. These flights will run for the entirety of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with the final flight being the day of the last match, Sunday December 18 of this year
  2. Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has partnered with Capital Express for Rapid Intercity to transport passengers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airport. This service will only be available to Wizz Air passengers with the bus fare for this trip included in the airfare. It will connect Abu Dhabi International Airport with Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Bus Station on an express bus Route. To ensure the safety of all passengers, Capital Express for Rapid City will monitor passengers on buses from Ibn Battuta Bus Station to Abu Dhabi International Airport, while RTA will supervise the workflow at Ibn Battuta Bus Station.

With the approaching FIFA World Cup, there’s an expected boom to be seen in Dubai Tourism and thus the opportunities and facilities to travel to Dubai becomes more convenient. Keeping on, the number of bookings are bound to increase and thus provide a higher revenue. Gear up, travel agents and start taking advantage of this opportunity.

In a nutshell, FIFA will prove to be one of the biggest factors driving sales in the Dubai tourism sector this winter.

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