Everything you need to know about August’22 Updates

We have introduced several new features across flights, hotels and packages to make your bookings easier

Flight Booking Updates

  • Cancellation/rescheduling on portal

With this feature, you can cancel or reschedule flights directly on the portal (both app & website). Now, save time and keep a track of all your requests in one place in the portal.

Go to the ‘Booking Section’ and select the required booking and click on raise request. There are other options available such as void, refund, no show, etc.

To Read more about this feature, click here.

  • Add meal/baggage & select seat on portal

Now, add meal/baggage & select a seat on the portal (both app & website) while booking your flight. 

This helps in saving time and easy booking and allows you to provide a seamless experience to your customers as well.

To Read more about this feature, click here.

  • Booking Link 

Now you can share flight booking link directly with your customers. They can fill in their details, make the payment and complete their booking easily. This is available only on the website right now.

This helps in saving time and makes the whole process of flight bookings hassle-free. 

Watch the step-by-step video to learn more about this feature.

To Read more about this feature, click here.

Hotel Booking Updates

  • Similar Properties, View Recommended Hotels & Customer Reviews

With this feature, you can check out properties similar to the one you have searched, to get better prices and compare hotels easily.

Also, you can view the customer reviews and choose the right hotel for your customer.

Also, choose from a range of top properties recommended by TravClan and provide the best property recommendation to your customers.

To Read more about this feature, click here. https://help.travclan.com/hotels-new-updates/

Packages Updates

  • Brochure Generator

With this new feature, you can d`ownload a package brochure with your company details and logo and share it with your customers. We have added top selling itineraries with 20-25% travel agent commission.

You can market these pdfs and generate better leads. This is available only for a few selected destinations currently.

  • Package Search Made Easy with Smart Filters

We have launched search filters for packages making your search easy and better.

Select the destination you want the package for and you will be able to access these user-friendly filters