The Journey Box- Ensure Customer Delight in One Click

Travel as a product brings delight. When you sell a package or a service, say flights, you offer a service that intrinsically brings delight and happiness. 

One of the best things about being a travel agent is that what we offer makes people happy. It is the feeling of delight that separates a travel agent’s services from making purchases from a website. 

“Amidst so many options it is the connection that brings business!”

There are for sure a hundred other ways to purchase travel, but what brings customers back to travel agents is the need for the human touch, the face of trust. This is why it is even more important to ensure delight. 

The biggest challenge that most travel agents face is to retain and bring back customers who have already availed of the services. Amidst so many options it is the connection that brings business!

We at TravClan are introducing a way for you to stay connected with your customers. 

Introducing The Journey Box, a carefully curated kit with personalised items for your customers. Now you can ensure your customers remember their happy trip memories and you!