Omicron Alert: Will Travel Industry Face Another Set Back?

The recent Omicron alert might not be good for the travel industry. Although it’s too early to anticipate what this new mutant might bring to the table, several countries including India have resorted to stricter testing norms and even sealed international borders.

However, the question remains, will people stop travelling?

Spoiler alert, no they won’t. There is enough evidence to draw optimistic conclusions for the travel.  

It’s Not The Same as Last Time

Covid has, in the past, wrecked the travel industry. However, since the last deadly wave, things have changed for the better. Globally, people have developed better immunity against the virus thanks to rapid vaccinations. Affected nations are being more cautious and authorities are acting up on time to contain the new mutant. 

“World Health Organization’s (WHO) office in the region has said that full-scale lockdowns should be a “very, very last resort.”

Winter Travel Love Affair

Winter travel is almost ritualistic in several countries. With year-end leaves piling up, and new year festivities approaching, travel will be on top of the bucket list. Several people have already booked their vacations, and are in no mood to cancel.

A popular destination like the Maldives is almost booked. Hence the crowd is now diverting towards domestic destinations like Andaman, Himachal, Kashmir etc. Long story short, travel enthusiasm has not died down.

As a travel agent, there is still potential to sell India’s Favourite destinations.

1. Kashmir

This winter paradise is the perfect destination to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of snowy mountains. The period from late December to January is known as Chalai Kalan, when it gets extremely cold, along with heavy snowfall. There is no better time to enjoy skiing in Gulmarg. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you allow your customers a glimpse into the Kashmiri way of life. Arrange for a houseboat stay and delight them with local Kawa as a welcome drink. 

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2. Goa

The coastal state of Goa is every traveller’s dream in India. Tourism in Goa is at its peak during the winter months. Allow your customers to immerse themselves in a colourful and serene getaway.  To make it pocket friendly opt for economical stay options and pre-book transfers. Try to make early bookings to avoid rush hour surges. Recommend offbeat exploration and shopping hotspots like Anjuma Beach Maret and Arpora Market. 

 Pro Tip – Your customers are likely to spend the most on food. Delight them with a list of affordable eateries.

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3. Kasol

Himachal is a winter favourite for North Indians, which means flooded hotels and surges across famous destinations like Shimla and Manali. Kasol on the other hand is a quaint village and paradise for nature lovers. Accommodation is available at dirt-cheap prices along with an endless list of things to do. If your client is looking for a more quiet offbeat vacation, Kasol would be a great recommendation. 

Pro-Tip – Kasol has a plethora of cafes and homestays near the main village. Make sure you offer split stay in Chalal, Rasol, Tosh etc to help your customers make the most of their trip. 

4. Rajasthan

Rajasthan has been the face of Indian Tourism for the longest time. The golden desert, the colourful culture and the rich heritage of the land have been a magnet for tourists. The excitement doubles when the sun is not so harsh and strolling in the open becomes a lot easier. As a travel agent, Rajasthan is ready to spoil you and your customers with options. You can pick popular itineraries like Jaipur-Jaisalmer-Bikaner or Pushkar-Mount Abu- Udaipur or customise destinations as per your whims and budget. 

 Pro Tip – The state is full of temples and in most cases are free to visit. Don’t forget to add these to your pocket-friendly itineraries. 

5. Darjeeling

The Queen of Hills Darjeeling is one of the most romantic destinations to look out for. The paradisaical beauty and the spectacular view of the Himalayas can never disappoint. Darjeeling is flooded with budget accommodation options. Offer sightseeing and transfers at prebooked affordable rates to help your customers save more. Gangtok, another beautiful town is a short ride away from Darjeeling. 

Pro Tip – Traffic Jams are very common in the region, make sure your clients have enough time on their hands.   

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