TravClan Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are TravClan Rewards?

A. For each flight or hotel booking that you do with TravClan, you get a scratch card of any random value between INR 0-5,000 that you can redeem to your wallet and use it in your next booking. 

This scratch card is visible under the  “Rewards” section of your TravCan portal.

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2. Where can I see the scratch card I’ve won?

A. Click on TravClan Rewards under the Finance section or under quick links (on the home page) in the TravClan Portal. You will be redirected to the rewards page where you see your scratch card.

3. How can I redeem the scratch card?

A. Go to TravClan Rewards. You can redeem the scratch card by simply clicking on it. The amount you’ve won will instantly be reflected in your TravClan wallet.

4. How can I use the amount won via scratch cards?

A. You can easily use this amount for your future bookings with TravClan without any restrictions.

5. Is there any time limit in which we have to redeem the scratch card?

A. Yes, you need to redeem the scratch card within 72 hours of booking to avail the benefits.

6. After redeeming, is there any time limit to use to use amount added in our TravClan wallet?

A. No, there is no such time limit.

7. How can I keep an account of the scratch cards I’ve won?

A. On the rewards page, by clicking on ‘history’, you can find a record of all the scratch cards you’ve won.