Guide For Travel Agents To Grow Post Covid

India’s travel and tourism sector is huge, contributing almost 10% to India’s GDP and employing millions. But since 2020, this industry has been hit enormously and understandably so.

However, despite the difficulties and hurdles, the industry is resilient enough and hopes to get back to business very soon. But it’s not going to be the same as before. Immense competition, cautious travellers, and digital bookings are here to stay. 

So, get working on your post reopening strategy right away to bounce back stronger when travel picks up. You can start with the below mentioned tried and tested action items. 

Learn About New Destinations

Positioning yourself as a trusted and experienced travel agent will help you win the confidence of a potential client to book with you. In addition, you will frequently come across customers who’ll need your advice to pick a destination for them.

As a travel advisor, you should possess knowledge about trending destinations to match the personality of a client to suitable destination options. Here are 4 Tips that will help you Sell any Destination with ease!

As per what travel experts believe, short haul and one-flight destinations like Maldives, Dubai and Seychelles are going to be the first choice of travelers post covid. Experts also expect a boom in domestic trips.

So, start preparing to sell these destinations beforehand. You can attend destination learning webinars, read blogs or just surf the internet to increase your knowledge base about these destinations.

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Get Your Travel Agency Website

The very first thing a potential customer does when they get to know about your travel agency is google you. In short, your website will be your digital face & it’s extremely important to make the right impression with it.

An attractive, updated, and a user friendly website instills a sense of trust and credibility in your business. You can add video tours, and customer testimonials or highlight your travel education or awards you’ve received on your website.

You can showcase latest travel news, travel guidelines, and covid protocols on your travel website. Also, highlight the safety and sanitation protocols followed as travelers as they want to book with organisations committed to their well being.

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Prioritize Safety & Health of your Customers 

According to a recent survey, while travelers are eager to travel again, more than 50% of them will be cautious and prioritize health and safety. Understandably so, hygiene and sanitation have now become top priorities for travellers acting as a deciding factor while making travel and hotel bookings.

Travelers nowadays want to know the exact health & hygiene standards followed and be completely sure before the trip. Winning the confidence of your customers is the key to success here.

Showcase the kind of strict hygiene and safety standards followed throughout the trip including the stay at the hotel and during transfers to convince your customers. 

Make Use of WhatsApp Business

Post Covid, the competition is going to be intense so it is recommended by experts to make your service stand-out.

It is high time to set up your WhatsApp Business account & use it effectively for marketing and providing better customer service. A business account makes your brand look professional and helps to gain user’s loyalty. 

Build your WhatsApp Business profile with all the relevant information like your travel business description, contact details, and catalogs showcasing your services. Activate auto responders and automatic greeting messages to reach out instantly to your customers. 

Highlight Customer Reviews on your website

Most people equate online reviews to a personal suggestion. Therefore, looking up for online reviews before making a purchase decision has become a common aspect of consumer behaviour.

A higher rating or a positive review is surely going to bend a potential customer’s bias towards you rather than your competitor. 

Most of your satisfied customers would be glad to share a positive review or a testimonial which you should proudly highlight. It is equally important to respond to reviews online, keep them updated and collect feedback from customers who aren’t happy with your services.

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Adopt a Customer Centric Approach

With constantly changing travel guidelines related to mandatory negative test reports, frequent lockdowns, and many other cumbersome procedures, travellers are now in need of professional advice they can trust and 24*7 ground assistance more than ever. 

Online booking engines clearly lag behind on this aspect and this is where travel agents can step-in and win customers for life.

Make your customer’s travel hassle free by guiding them about all the travel requirements and arranging all essential documents for them. Be in constant touch with your clients to provide up to date information pre-travel & during the tour.

Travel business will thrive again and it is only a matter of time. However, travel agents and service providers that move with the changing times and display adaptability will stand to gain the most in the new normal. It is the time for travel agents to emerge as professional advisors and facilitators.

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