Good Facebook Bio for Your Travel Page

Facebook is a perfect place for expanding your Travel Business.  You can market your Travel Agency’s Facebook Page to reach out to 1000s of new customers daily.

One domain that needs to be addressed but can be a bit tricky to get started with is Facebook bio.

The bio or description is important, though often is a less priority, part of the Facebook page. It’s one of the first parts visitors see on the Facebook page. You can’t forget about it!

Listed below are three tips for crafting a relevant and precise Facebook bio:

Determine your goal

In order to write a Facebook bio fit for your company, first you need to have what you want to achieve with your page as a whole as clear as day.

Maybe you want a private Facebook page just so clients can contact you, or maybe this page will serve as a business page that has links to your website, social media, and all the other things you want potential clients to see.

Avoid Generic Introductions

A generic introduction in bio like “We are ABC Travels ltd. And we arrange city tours” is not particularly enticing to visitors who are on your page for the first time.

Briefly explain to them your offerings and make sure that you add something that visitors remember. At the same time, don’t overload them with information.

Suggested Example –We’re a Travel company, offering a broad spectrum of services that include Foreign Exchange, Corporate Travel, MICE, Leisure Travel, and Travel Insurance. We set up our first office in India in 1881, and have been providing world-class service for over 130 years.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

Facebook is a place where one can afford to be more relaxed and social, but that doesn’t mean you can relax when it comes to your writing quality. You must give off a good impression by keeping everything in tip-top shape.

You don’t have to be a professional writer, but at the very least, make sure your Facebook bio is free of typos and grammatical mistakes.


Travel companies know that in order to score followers, it is important to capture visitor’s attention and put forth the best effort by focusing on every aspect of a Facebook page.

You can’t afford to write a Facebook bio in a lighthearted way, get started with the tips above to make your Facebook bio stand out!

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