The Best Marketing Strategies You Should Try Out In 2020!

“Ignoring Marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”


The sole purpose of any business is the generation of revenue and maximization of profits.

So, “how to increase profits?” One may ask. The easiest answer is maybe either by cutting costs or by increasing the customer base!

While the former might seem to be a little bit difficult, the latter part, that is, increasing the customer base seems to be the most viable option to increase the profits!

Let’s delve a little deeper and find out how we can fulfil our this objective.

Here are some of the Top Marketing Strategies that you can use in 2020 and How TravClan Helps You in this-

1. Educate with your content:

Customers love to read about new things. For example, You, as a Travel Agent, can invest in content by sharing the latest travel news, video tours, packages, etc. 

We at TravClan, not only create content, that ranges from daily custom travel news, video tours, etc, for you but also post the same on your website as well so that your customer engages with you and your website.

2. Personalizing Marketing Messages

Customers really love it when they get personalized messages. A message that is specially tailored for a customer helps in increasing brand loyalty and satisfaction.

TravClan, with the perfect blend of technology and design sense, brings to you beautiful and attractive posters, catalogues, videos that you can share with your customers with your own company logo and company name, that too in just a click! Fantastic, isn’t it?

3. Updating and Upgrading Your Content

The job of marketing does not end by posting content on your website or page. You are ought to regularly update it as well as upgrade it.

For example, updating your travel website daily with new content like – New Travel News, New Video Tours.

This not only makes your page and website look dynamic but also increases customer engagement.

TravClan not only updates the content on your website daily but is always working towards upgrading the content that is being catered to your audience. Daily updation of content ranges from Travel news, Video Tours, Packages, etc.

4. Using Social Media More Effectively

Social Media plays a very important role while you are marketing yourself. Most of the customers come to know about a brand/business via social media interactions/posts.

So keep yourself actively engaged on social media. As a travel agent, you can post custom videos of various destinations, travel news, etc.

TravClan, as its pilot project, has also started posting content on travel agents’ Facebook pages daily.

Content ranges from a variety of things like packages, news, destination videos, etc. that too with your own company’s website link.

So the primary purpose of business i.e. maximization of profits can be achieved by employing effective marketing strategies and We, at TravClan, provide you with such fine marketing strategies at affordable prices!

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