Not Just A Trend, Travel Is Here To Stay

We travel not to escape Life, But for Life not to escape us


As we transitioned into the 21st century, life for many of us became busy, boring and lack-lustred.

The only respite that has always been and will always be a viable option is Travelling.

Travelling, not only helps you in knowing historical/intellectual data of a particular place but also helps you to connect with yourself!

The very nature/thrill of travelling is why People love to Travel and will continue to Travel!

And here’s why I feel it is so

  1. Tourism as an industry provides employment to a whopping 9% population across the globe and more than 12% employment, alone in India!
  2. According to official figures, 31408666 International tourists alone visited India in 2019. Domestic Figures stand at 2321982663.
  3. Travel and tourism are one of the largest industries in India, with a total contribution of over 247 billion U.S. dollars to the country’s GDP in 2018. This is expected to reach over 500 billion U.S. dollars by 2029.
  4. The value of global tourism has reached $5.29 trillion in 2017 — and the size of the market only continues to expand.
  5. Apart from the whooping statistics mentioned above, People love to Travel. People have always travelled and will always travel. There’s no question about it!

Travel And Life In Corona Times

Life was pretty much the same till February-March -> Beautiful, meeting and greeting with people, travelling with loved ones, making memories.

Then came Corona Virus and with it came the sudden halt to everything that we considered as a necessity for the enjoyment of life!

Series of lockdowns were announced. People were asked to stay inside the home. The scare among people was pretty much evident. Almost every industry came to a halt, especially travel and hospitality.

While every industry suffered, it’s the travel industry which suffered the most.

According to a study by Industry Chamber CII and hospitality consulting firm Hotelivate, the coronavirus pandemic has dealt a crippling blow to the Indian travel and tourism industry and the entire value chain linked to the sector is likely to lose around ₹ 5 lakh crore or USD 65.57 billion!

Travel and Unlock

As a gradual process of opening up India and with Unlock 5.0 announced, it is being expected that Government Of India is looking forward to further open up Travel, in a bid to revive the struggling and stumbled travel industry so that people are able to capitalize on the points mentioned above.

Main focus is to be given to North-East India tourism and Rural tourism so that people can see new, lesser-known but definitely more beautiful places in India.

Here’s a list of what Central and State Governments of India are doing to promote and revive the tourism industry

  1. Ministry of Tourism launches SAATHI app for the hospitality industry on World Tourism Day.
  2. Government launches Destination North East-2020.
  3. The Ministry of Tourism organises the Dekho Apna Desh Webinar Series on Rural Tourism.
  4. Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik announces the opening of tourism
  5. Himachal govt to promote winter sports, tourism in Manali
  6. Covid-negative certificate not mandatory for tourists entering Uttarakhand

With India opening up gradually and the steps being taken by various Governments, people are hopeful that they can and they will travel once again and connect with themselves and the beautiful parts India and the world has to offer!

Travel Is Not A Desire, But A Necessity!!

During lockdown periods, the cases of depression, stress and anxiety were at an all-time high.

According to an ILO survey, 50% of the youth population is subjected to depression, anxiety due to COVID lockdown!

Absence of travel and staying inside home took a serious toll on the mental health of individuals and hence they’re looking forward to relaxations in norms so that they are able to travel once again!

Here’s How Travel Helps Us

  1. Discovery of New Culture
  2. Self Development and Inner Peace
  3. Improves Health
  4. Connecting With New People
  5. Provides Historical/Intellectual Learning

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