What can Travel Agents do during this Worldwide Pandemic? (+ Interactive Video Guides)

During Covid-19, everyone in the travel industry tried to come up with something to do while being at home. While the majority of the suppliers and travel agents were dealing with excessive cancellations and refunds initially, there came a time when all these issues were dealt with and there was nothing else left to do.

Since going to the office was not physically possible and no one was travelling due to travel restrictions around the country and the world, the only solution was to do something online.

Staying and working from home suddenly transformed everyone’s lives, in the sense that people were more open to the idea of experiencing the online way of things. From students to working class sector, everyone was online during something or the other.

But what could Travel Agents do during this time?

The internet is an amazing place where a lot happens every day. Since travel is something that is considered as a physical activity, many people tried to explore online travel via virtual reality and different ways to engage their audience online.

So, while everyone was (and/or is) scrambling to do something useful, why should travel agents be left behind?

Here are 5 useful ways a travel agent can be productive during this pandemic:

1. Attend Webinars:

First things first, staying up to date with what is happening around the world related to travel is important.

For a travel agent, this could mean staying updated with travel restrictions of each destination, learning about new destinations that they could sell in the future, gain more knowledge about the industry and increase their network of travel agents so everyone could support each other once travel reopens.

Webinars are a place where the travel community comes together to discuss the future of travel. At TravClan, we have been arranging interesting webinars for everyone in the industry for free!

Several other travel companies are also arranging webinars on different topics to attend online. All you need to do is search for them and get practically free knowledge!

2. Strengthen your digital presence:

During this pandemic, it was realized by many that making your business go digital could actually strengthen it! A few easy tips that can help you go digital:

  • Have a professional website – This will give your business the online credibility it needs. Make sure this website is mobile and user friendly as well as visually attractive with interesting content.
  • Be active on social media – Let the world know that you are still in business. Tell people about your experiences too, a business that has a personal touch can build a lot of trust in customers.
  • Learn about SEO and apply it to your online presence – This will not only help you be on the first page of any search engine, but it will allow you to create good quality content along the way.
  • Try out ads and campaigns for your business and learn how to track them.

3. Make your Operations smooth and sort your Finances:

If you spend time defining a process for everything you do in your business, it will provide you and your employees with a very clear idea of how
to work.

You should be creating and fine tuning your policies with customers, suppliers, and with different processes like cancellations, booking, etc. If you think your Operations are sorted, you might check again, there will always be something that can be done in a better way.

Same applies to finances.

This is the time where you need to be smart with your money. Calculate your profits and losses, file your GST, clear your accounts or any debt, and make sure that you are updated about everything in this regard.

4. Strengthen your Supply:

Utilize this time to learn about more destinations, get to know the suppliers, hoteliers, cab operators and other service providers of that destination.

By negotiating and getting the right set of people to work with, you will have more destinations to sell once travel reopens. Not only will this boost your business, but it will allow you to expand your territory and get out of your comfort zone.

That is the mark of real growth!

5. Don’t quit your travel business:

As a B2B Travel Company, we understand that this is the most difficult
time to be in this industry right now.

But being in this industry, we also know that travel will always reopen, maybe with some extra rules, extra policies and regulations, but we know it will.

A few destinations have already opened up, and if we are optimistic enough, it is through us travel companies that people can start feeling more confident about travelling once again.

We have to be optimistic and not give up.

TravClan can be your one stop solution for all these needs. We provide solutions for your travel business in the following ways:

  • Find suppliers for all the destinations at TravClan with guaranteed trust
  • Learn more about travel business and how to run your travel agency on our YouTube channel
  • Learn about various destinations and webinars on our App and YouTube channel (yes, we have saved all our live sessions)
  • Build a world-class website that is not just attractive but mobile and user friendly, WhatsApp integrated, and containing pre-loaded packages for most of the popular destinations!
  • Connect to a community of travel agents and suppliers on the TravClan app

    And if you register with us as a travel agent, you get a dedicated relationship manager to guide you through all the processes.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pandemic or not, let’s utilize this time with a positive approach and get down to business to try and restore our work lives back to normal.

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